dekenangel (dekenangel) wrote,

Yay!! Web site on lockdown

The past 2+ months have been insane at work. I moved to a new department as a QA test engineer and have been working 50+ hour weeks for nearly two months. I guess no better way to learn a job sometimes than to be thrown into the fire.

Today marked the final, huge release to occur before our website is officially on lockdown. The only updates until after the new year will be minor like coupon and image asset changes.

Although I still have a lot on my own agenda, this "slow" time will be a welcome change. Anyway...

  • (no subject)

    I am looking for a fangsmith, sorry its short notice. just found out I will be doing a gig where they are required. Thanks

  • I guess I am new here...

    I am just testing the blog capabilities. I think that will do for now. If I friended you, you should know me...

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